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The Godfather

22 Nov

Okay, I’ll admit it.  Until last night, I’d never seen The Godfather.

It’s not like I was completely unfamiliar with the concept: Goldenboy son returns to family fold to take over the business. Horsehead hijinks and lots of offers that can’t be refused are made.  Still, I’d never thought to sit down and devote 3 hours of my life to it.

That was probably because all the best lines were quoted in You’ve Got Mail.

But then it magically appeared at the house thanks to Netflix (I don’t remember ever putting it on the queue).  Since it was there anyway, I thought, “Why not let this sit for a month?”  And I did.

Big mistake.

Because when I finally sat down to watch, I was blown away.  I was expecting this violent shoot-em-up style flick ala Pulp Fiction or  Reservoir Dogs, but what I got was subtle elegance.  Sure, there was violence, but besides the horse head, everything else was handled with a clinical, business-like style.  “Leave the gun, take the cannoli,” and all that.

And that scene at the end with Abe Vigoda and Robert Duvall?  Heartbreaking.

The thing is, there are a ton of classics, modern and otherwise, I’ve never seen.  I mean, yes, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, and The Philadelphia Story have all earned places in the collection, but it took me 33 years to see Dune.  And while I’ve seen all six Star Wars movies, I haven’t seen the Indiana Jones saga all the way through (for purposes of this, we’re going to pretend 4 doesn’t exist). I’m going to start to work off the AFI list, but what are some favorites you might recommend?  Leave ‘em in the comments!


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